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Keyes Union School District Candidate Profiles

Keyes Union School District Candidate Profiles

Jimmy Emmons Sr.

POSTED October 19, 2009 3:06 p.m.
Jeff Reed
I would make a good school board member because I have an excellent track record with consistent participation at board meetings for the past three years. I have excellent working relationships with our superintendent, board members, teachers, staff, and parents. In this economic climate, a clear understanding of the school’s budget is a must. When our superintendent asked me to take part in the strategic planning committee, I was honored and brought a unique perspective to the group. The superintendent then asked me to participate on the budget committee. This was challenging for everyone, yet we came together with the goal of making tough decisions for the benefit of the district while maintaining the best possible education for the students. The end result, I believe, achieved that goal with the least impact to the students. I was an asset for my creative ideas and input to make important decisions for our district.   
Having grown up in the community, I know the community and what the district means to it. I moved back to town to start my family in the small community that I cherished so my children could attend the same school I grew up in. I have worked with the community while serving as a member of the Keyes Municipal Advisory Council since my appointment in 2004, and reelection in 2008. With this board, I gained knowledge of how a board works.  Beyond roles and duties, I know the dedication and commitment it takes to serve and I am prepared to make that commitment to the School District.

My first and most important goal is to keep our schools running efficiently, despite the current financial situation. We have to provide a solid education for our students. We need to have the structure to keep our students active, happy, and successfully getting an effective education with the money we have to work with. We need to assist staff in maintaining a positive work environment to ensure students achieve their potential. It is in an environment which allows teachers and staff to grow professionally that our students will see the best opportunity for their own growth.


Jimmy Emmons Sr.
I feel that I would make a good school board member because I have lived in Keyes all my life, attended Keyes school, and my wife worked for KUSD for over 30 years. My grown sons attended Keyes school from preschool through 8th grade. My granddaughters also attended Keyes school. I have many nieces and nephews that are currently enrolled in the Keyes School District. I understand what is needed for a school to succeed because I’ve been employed with the Stanislaus Union School District in Modesto for 14 years. I would be an asset to the Keyes Union School District in helping to make decisions that would provide a good education to the children of the Keyes community.

With budget cuts being made statewide in California this year, my main goal should I be elected to the Keyes School Board would be to determine that cuts are being made in a manner that would continue improving the education of the students in the Keyes Union School District.

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