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Denair Unified School District Candidate Profiles

POSTED October 19, 2009 3:08 p.m.
Norma M. Cordova
As an incumbent, I remain committed to serving the community for the best interests of our students and school district. My objective is to continue working collaboratively with staff, parents and the community for the educational benefit of all students. My qualifications include:
* 13 years service on the DUSD school board.
* Earned diploma from Denair High School; AA from Modesto Junior College; BS and teaching credential from Fresno State College.
* 20 years experience as a high school business education instructor.
* Agribusiness partner on family farm (almonds, corn, grain)
* Volunteer tutor for Stanislaus County Literacy Center
As a Board member, I serve as a member of the Agribusiness Academy Advisory Committee at Denair HS. In the past, I served on the Future Facilities and Fiscal Policy Committees for the District. I enjoy visiting campuses and classrooms and attending and supporting numerous school activities and events.
My main goals include:    
* To continue our focus on teaching and learning for improved student achievement.
* To allocate and maximize use of fiscal resources as we face continued budget constraints.
* To continue to engage parents and community as a valuable resource and educational partner.
* To review Strategic Plan and establish annual educational and budget priorities with stakeholders’ input.
* To enhance and expand Career and Technical Education (CTE) opportunities for our students.
* To maintain our commitment to our Mission and Belief Statements and Shared Values.


Denise Hurd
I believe my combination of experience combined with my passion for the success of all Denair students is critically needed. During these extremely troubled times my input and work ethic is of value to all stakeholders.
Prior to June 2003, I was an active member of the Elementary School site council, the District Technology committee and an original member of the first Fiscal Policy team. Appointed to the board in 2003, I’ve served on the policy committee, been a member of the High School WASC team, and attended RSDSS direct instruction training with the Middle School teachers. I took advantage of all board member training opportunities provided by CSBA and the Stanislaus County of Education.
In 2004, I volunteered to assist in the creation of the Denair Education Foundation. The foundation is an actively growing partner in our community and provides a way to maximize all of our fund raising opportunities. In 2008, I was appointed to the Measure K Bond Over-Site committee who’s primary function is to oversee and validate how the bond funds are being spent for the construction of the new middle school.
For the last twelve years I have been self-employed as a technology coordinator / consultant assisting small business, educators and educational authors across the country with technology, green technology, data extraction, Web sites, newsletters, presentations and the development of materials used for a variety of educational publications. I am able to coordinate my schedule very easily around my volunteer efforts and child’s activities.
I have no true “agenda” if elected to office. An individual board member has no authority and as such I will be representing the ideals of the community. I want to continue to build strong, supporting relationships among the trustees, employees, parents, and students. Strong relationships help to ensure the time the students spend in the classroom creates the highest quality opportunity to learn.
These are unprecedented economical times for our community. The combination of funding cuts and declining enrollment due to foreclosure have stretched our school finances very thin. This has a drastic impact on educational programs, student support and extra-curricular offerings. I am pleased to see DUSD continues to provide what many school districts have had to eliminate. This within a climate of serious student health concerns, which could have an adverse effect on funding and test scores due to absences.
I want us to continue to maintain a safe environment, expand curriculum offerings as funds are available, and embrace rigorous teaching and learning throughout the district. I would like to see children that start at Denair Schools, graduate from Denair High School, proud of their alma mater.


Eric Andersen
I would make a good board member because I possess a deep belief that every child can succeed and it is essential that, as a school district, we provide children with every opportunity to make that success a reality. Additionally, I would make a good board member because of my past and present experiences as a classroom teacher, FFA advisor, coach, school administrator and parent of three children who are either attending Denair Schools or have graduated from them. These varied roles have provided me with a broad background and will allow me to look at issues that face the district from many viewpoints.   

My main goals, if elected, would be to enhance the educational experiences available for all children in the district. I would like to see course offerings and extracurricular activities at the high school and junior high school expanded. I would also pursue the establishment of educational enrichment activities at the elementary school. While I realize that it will be a challenge to see these goals come true during these difficult budgetary times, we can never forget that our primary purpose as a district is to prepare our children for their futures.      


Robert Hodges

I know that I would make a great board member because I am accountable and a person of integrity. In our unfortunate economic situation, accountability may be our most important attribute. As a small business owner, I know what it means to make every dollar count. California budget cuts have been a detriment to our public schools and tough decisions will need to be made with the fewer dollars schools now receive from the state. With this in mind, I will always remember that our students will always come first.

I will focus on three main goals: Improvement on student assessments, student safety, and continued improvement on our school facilities. All of these goals can be accomplished by keeping kids in school, and keeping their best interest in mind. The students must come first. We have to continue to give our students the best teaching; the latest and greatest in technology; and prepare them to compete in a global society. Again, all this can be accomplished by investing in students first.


Louisa Allen
I believe I would be a good board member, due to the fact I have served eight years and now I am up for re-election. I hope the voters have faith in me to continue my job. Before being a member of the board, I worked as an instructional aide on the elementary school site for 24 years for Denair School District. I must admit, many changes have been made since I was an employee. Much more is required from the staff and especially the students. As a board member, I see more frustration during these current times in educators and students. Sitting behind the table, I sympathize with some of these changes and try to be as helpful as possible with everyone involved and will continue doing so. I try to keep an open mind and most of all use common sense in my decisions.
My main goals if I am re-elected are to continue what I have been doing in keeping our district strong. To me, our number one priority is our students that we have enrolled. We have a staff that I truly believe do what they can to keep our students as their number one goal and this is our major emphasis.  I am not just speaking of our educators only, but also our classified staff.  COMMON SENSE in making important decisions is my number one goal.  Citizens know I am always willing to speak to them when it comes to educational items. If I don’t know the answer, I am not afraid to go to someone above my position to find out the answers.

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