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Chatom Union School District Candidate Profiles

Chatom Union School District Candidate Profiles

Rodney Machado

POSTED October 19, 2009 3:09 p.m.
Rob Santos
I would make a good school board member because:
• I have been on the Chatom School Board for 12 years.
• I ask questions of and listen to parents, teachers and administrators.
• I observe classes to see teacher and student needs.
• I read budgets and try to understand State issues that affect our schools.
For the past 12 years I have been on the Chatom Mt. View school board. During that time I have asked many questions and listened to numerous parents, teachers, and school administrators. I have observed classes to see first hand the needs of teachers and their students. I have read many budgets while trying to understand the decisions our State leaders have sent forth to our local schools. But above all the politics, I try to put the children at Chatom and Mt. View first. I have two children in our school system; my wife (Kristen) has a doctorate in education. Together we will make every effort to improve the education of our community schools.
My main goals if elected to office would be:
• Prioritize our school’s budget to optimize our children’s education.
• Be a tenacious advocate for improving all of our student’s educational experience at Chatom and Mt. View.
• Maintain and hire exceptional faculty and administrators.  
Spending on education is the biggest financial item of our California State budget. Therefore, education funding is an obvious target when the budget is cut. Our school district was a victim. Consequently, I believe we need to intelligently and proactively prioritize our school’s budget to optimize our children’s education experience. We need to maintain and to continue hire exceptional faculty and administrators. I will be a tenacious advocate for every student in all aspects of their education at Chatom and Mt. View.


Rodney Machado
Chatom school board candidate Rodney “Skip” Machado hopes to bring to the board 21 years of experience in teaching. His experience with the educational system gives him an inside track on how to utilize resources to bring about the best results for students. His experience also allows for a unique understanding of the teachers duties and challenges. Mr. Machado has been a resident of Chatom District for over 30 years, having graduated from Turlock High. He then received a Bachelors Degree in Journalism from CSU Sacramento and a Masters Degree in Education from National University. Mr. Machado is currently a teacher at Turlock High School as well as the wrestling coach at Turlock Junior High School. He and his wife, Charlotte, have three children, Elena, Cameron, and Jacqueline, who all attend Chatom Elementary.  “With all of my children attending Chatom, I want to help the school be the best it can be,” Machado said. “I want to help anyway I can.
“Today our schools face severe economic challenges, it’s important to use our funds to get the most educational gain possible. It’s a very competitive world and our children need to be prepared.”  

A priority for the district should be the continued improvement of the API scores, he said.
“Chatom School District and staff have done an excellent job helping the students achieve, which is reflected in the current API scores,” Machado said. “The task now is to continue to find innovative ways to engage students to raise scores even higher. Our teachers are our greatest tool in reaching our children’s potential. Their dedication and vigilance are the keys to making Chatom a model for other districts.” 

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