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Your Ghost Stories

POSTED October 31, 2009 12:09 a.m.
The haunting
In 1990, before my husband Chris and I were married, we lived in an 1800s Victorian home in Modesto near downtown. This home was split up into five apartments — two down stairs, two upstairs and one in the rear of the home.  My husband and I lived in the upstairs apartment, which encompassed the front half of the upstairs and our bedrooms over looked the street. The common bathroom was located off the living room and when standing in front of the mirror you could see into the second bedroom.
On many occasions I would see a small shadowy figure moving from the living room toward the second bedroom window. I would catch the figure in the corner of my eye. Once this happened and no one other then me was home. I had such a strong sense of seeing something I walked out of the bathroom and into the small bedroom. Of course, no one was there.
I brought this up to our landlord to see if he had heard anyone else who had lived in the apartment mention anything about seeing or experiencing anything odd. He told me that, yes, other tenants had seen a small figure but it was always seen in the apartment directly below the small bedroom. In fact, he and his dad had the house exorcised a number of years prior. He told me he had found out it was a young boy who had lived there years earlier who had died in the house and was known to look out the bay window waiting for his mother who had died before him. My landlord figured the little boy moved from downstairs to upstairs, but was still moving to the front of the house.
The small shadowy figure never bothered me and never made my husband or me uncomfortable. I continued to see him from time to time until we moved out a few months later.  
— Amy Boylan-Mendes



Ghostly holiday
In April of this year my husband Rick took me away on my birthday weekend to one of our favorite quick get-a-ways at the Groveland Hotel. Although we have been there several times over the years, we have never experienced a visit from the hotel’s infamous resident ghost, Lyle, so we remained quite skeptical. (Lyle was a miner from the gold rush era and died in Room 15 in 1927, with a box of dynamite found under his bed, or so the story goes.)
I’ve always made the reservations for past trips and purposely never booked “Lyle’s Room 15” just in case the sightings were true, but Rick thought it would be exciting to try it. To say the least, I wasn’t thrilled about his room choice, but appreciated his planning something “special.”
After we arrived I did a little more reading up on Lyle to make sure we didn’t agitate his “spirit” and realized he was a very eccentric and tidy individual, highly disliking anything placed on his dresser, which remains in his room, especially women’s cosmetics. Well, the sink in the room is a pedestal type sink and there was no where else to lay these items, so skeptic that I was, I placed everything on the dresser because it has a large beveled mirror attached and the best spot for my girly items.
After dinner and a stroll through the historic town, we went to our room with a bottle of wine and decided to kick back and get ready for bed. Insomniac that I am, I laid awake long after my husband went to sleep pondering over my decision to leave my personal items on the dresser. After two hours of listening to bags rustling in the corner (even though there was no fan on) and a cold chill passing over the right side of the bed every 15 minutes or so, I finally decided to get up and move the cosmetics, hair products and purse off the dresser so I could get some sleep. I finally drifted off around midnight.
An hour later, my husband and I were awakened by a loud bang by the door, followed by the sound of sliding metal, which bolted us both upright in bed. Out of sheer terror, I immediately laid back down and covered my head with the down comforter while Rick waited for his eyes to adjust to the pitch black room. In a frightened barely audible voice (and nothing scares this man), I heard him say “Honey, the ironing board has been thrown to the ground in front of the door, and what’s really weird is that the legs are fully extended.” All I could say was, “I’m not looking,” and he kept saying it was impossible not only for the board to be thrust down so hard on the ground from its secured spot to make such a loud sound but the fact that the legs were locked into an upright position while upside down! We both laid awake for hours too frightened to move or even open my eyes for fear of what I might see. Needless to say neither of us got a good night’s sleep the rest of the night and when morning came it was a welcome relief.
Rick inspected the ironing board again and again and there was just no way to explain what happened. We hadn’t used the ironing board and it was leaned the opposite way it fell so it was definitely thrown down no doubt because of Lyle’s irritability of my personal items being strewn across his dresser.
We will go back to the hotel because it’s a beautiful place, but we will never book Lyle’s room again. Once is enough for me!    

— Tami Wallenburg


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