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Auto thieves don’t take holidays

POSTED December 24, 2012 4:02 p.m.

After toasting friends and family with champagne and watching the ball drop in Times Square, it might be a wise idea to check on the vehicles parked outside, because New Year's Day is the second highest holiday with incidents of vehicle theft.
The National Insurance Crime Bureau's data from 2011 ranks New Year's Day as the second busiest holiday for auto thefts in the United States.
According to last year's data, there were 2,286 vehicles reported stolen on New Year's Day. The top holiday for vehicle theft last year was Halloween, with a reported 2,328 thefts.
For the majority of the holidays in 2011, vehicle theft was less than the daily average of 2,055. Halloween and New Year's Day, however, were over the average.
Christmas Day and Thanksgiving had the lowest number of vehicle thefts of the holidays with 1,347 and 1,526 thefts, respectively. Christmas Day also had the lowest number of thefts of any day in 2011.

For the 11 holidays reviewed in 2011, a total of 20,800 vehicles were reported stolen compared with a total of 22,991 reported for those same days in 2010, according to NICB's National Crime Information Center.

July and August hold the distinction of the months with the highest number of reported vehicle thefts. The three days last year with the most vehicle thefts were July 1, July 11 and Aug. 1.
The summer months of June, July, and August had the highest averages for the year, and were over the daily average of 2,055 along with May, September, October, November, and December. January, February, March, and April had monthly theft per day averages lower than the daily average for the year, with February having the lowest average overall at 1,741 thefts per day.
The holidays ranked by number of thefts reported to the NCIC in 2011 were:
1. Halloween (2,328)
2. New Year's Day (2,286)
3. Memorial Day (2,005)
4. Labor Day (1,977)
5. New Year's Eve (1,947)
6. Valentine's Day (1,895)
7. Independence Day (1,862)
8. President's Day (1,830)
9. Christmas Eve (1,797)
10. Thanksgiving (1,526)
11. Christmas Day (1,347)
California had the most thefts overall as well as the most thefts on holidays. The most frequently stolen vehicles in California in 2011 were:
1. Honda Accord - 1994
2. Honda Civic - 1998
3. Toyota Camry - 1991
4. Acura Integra - 1994
5.Chevrolet pickup (full size) - 2004
6. Ford pickup (full size) - 2006
7. Nissan Sentra - 1994
8. Toyota Corolla - 2010
9. Nissan Altima - 1997
10. Toyota pickup 4x2 - 1988
The NICB reminds drivers to be alert during the busy holiday season. That includes parking in well-lit areas, keeping packages in the trunk or out of sight, and making sure your vehicle is locked while it's parked.




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