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Supreme Court overturns ban on same-sex marriage

County clerk's office taking names for future wedding ceremonies

Supreme Court overturns ban on same-sex marriage

Newly married couple Cynthia Soto, 48, and Beth Holden 27, proudly display the first same-sex marriage license issued in Stanislaus County in June 2008. Same sex unions briefly were legal in the st...

POSTED June 26, 2013 12:30 p.m.



The United States Supreme Court has released a decision which effectively over-turns the state’s ban on same sex marriages under Proposition 8.

The California court decision declaring statutes that restrict marriage to one man and one woman unconstitutional and the remedy allowing same gender persons to marry is effectively reinstated. 

"Today marks another important step on the long march to justice and equality for all," said California Democratic Party Chairman John Burton in a released statement. "The Supreme Court’s dismissal of the challenge to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling overturning Proposition 8, which denied same-sex couples in California the right to marry the person they loved, means marriage equality stands in our state. Californians have reason to celebrate.
 "In 1989 when I introduced the first gay marriage bill in California, I couldn’t even get a motion to get the bill out of committee. We’ve made progress but work remains to be done because there are loving couples in thirty-seven states who do not currently enjoy the same rights that those of us lucky enough to live in California currently enjoy. Today we celebrate. Tomorrow we march on."

The county will be authorized to issue marriage licenses and to perform civil marriage ceremonies for same-sex couples upon receipt of direction from the State, according to Lee Lundrigan, Stanislaus County Clerk Recorder & Registrar of Voters.

The clerk's office is taking names and phone numbers of Stanislaus County couples who are interested in obtaining a marriage license and arranging for a ceremony with the Clerk Recorder Office.




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