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Bigger stage, same results

Lewis Gonzalez defeats Antonio McKee in national debut

Bigger stage, same results

Gonzalez puts the squeeze on McGee with a front headlock during the second round of his unanimous decision victory in Ontario on Saturday.

POSTED August 13, 2013 9:53 p.m.


Confusion: That was Lewis Gonzalez’ state of mind in the moments that immediately preceded his World Series of Fighting debut victory against Antonio McKee on Saturday.

For nearly five minutes Gonzalez paced and waited in his corner of the cage while his MMA Gold corner team prodded WSOF officials for answers. Uncertainty was in the air and Gonzalez’ undefeated record was seemingly at risk.

A third round elbow strike to the back of McKee’s head had forced the referee to stop the fight, but it was unclear if the bout was over via disqualification or if it would continue with a one point deduction from Gonzalez.

“I didn’t know what was going on; everything was running through my mind,” Gonzalez said. “I was kind of worried at first, but eventually the ref came up to me and said they weren’t taking a point and were going to the scorecards, so I felt pretty good about that.”

In the end, all three judges agreed that Gonzalez was the victor and awarded the Turlock resident a 29-28 majority decision.

“I didn’t want to finish it like that…but I got the W and that’s all that counts,” Gonzalez said. “Everyone knows who Antonio is, so that’s a big win on my resume.”

The end of the fight wasn’t the only hitch for Gonzalez, however, as the first round proved to be just as worrisome for the fighter and his Lethal Legion.

After sprawling out of take down attempts by McKee, Gonzalez attempted a guillotine choke only to be reversed and mounted by the veteran “Mandingo.” In what turned out to be the first losing round of his career, Gonzalez weathered a consistent rear naked choke submission attempt. McKee’s grip was finally breached in the final 20 seconds of the round, sending Gonzalez to his corner to regroup.

“He had it close a couple of times; I just knew to keep my chin down,” Gonzalez said. “He was a tough guy, another state champion wrestler, so I knew there was going to be some grappling involved.”

The grappling continued in the second round, but it was Gonzalez who was in control this time around. After landing a body shot and defending against a takedown attempt, Gonzalez sunk in a barbo choke and refused to let go. Gonzalez pushed his opponent into the cage and landed periodical shots to the head and body as he made up for round one.

“It was different going into the second round, knowing in my head that I had to change things and get the fight going in my direction,” Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez implemented the same strategy in the third round and seemed to be on his way to another victory via stoppage before the premature ending of the fight. Gonzalez is now 9-0 with what many are calling a major upset under his belt.

“In Turlock it wasn’t an upset, but I can see how other people can see it as an upset. I’m just Joe Shmoe to everybody else in the country and Antonio is well known,” Gonzalez said. “From the outside looking in it’s an upset; but me, my camp, my teammates and everyone we know thought I was the favorite.”

Gonzalez must now wait to see who his next opponent will be in a stacked lightweight division packed with talent.

“We’re just waiting for the phone call to see what we have next,” Gonzalez said.

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