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Parents can play big part in helping students succeed this school year

Parents can play big part in helping students succeed this school year

Parents can help teach real-world math at home in the kitchen by asking their child to adjust a recipe to include more or less servings.

POSTED August 19, 2013 12:05 p.m.

As the Turlock Unified School District continues its transition to the new, real-life focused way of teaching through the Common Core Standards, school officials are hoping parents will get involved.
"This year we will continue to rely on shared leadership in carrying out our collaborative implementation and transition plans for Common Core, and we will unequivocally rely on parent support for student participation," said Turlock Unified School District's Superintendent of Educational Services Dana Trevethan.
Currently, 45 states have already adopted CCS to their curriculum, aligning the same standards across state lines. Under CCS students are receiving the same level of instruction whether they live in California or New York.
"We have a vested interest in bringing these rigorous and relevant standards to life in every classroom with support and effort from all stakeholders, administrators, teachers, support staff and parents for the start of the 2014-15 school year in order to have students college and career ready before they leave," Trevethan said.
Under the new Common Core, students will move from general instruction that is mile wide and instead emphasize skills students need to succeed in college and the workforce including critical thinking, problem solving, and collaboration. That means that instead of teaching the students equations and formulas in a math class, they will be taught mathematical theories using real life scenarios and critical thinking.
With the new educational transition taking place in just a few days, parents can get a jump-start and help their kids prepare for the rigor that lies ahead.
Here are a few s tips from TUSD that can help parents in preparing their kids succeed in Common Core:

• Using cooking to teach fractions: In addition to homework focused on fractions, parents can open cookbooks and have their children choose a favorite recipe to prepare. Parents can ask their child to adjust the recipe to include more or less servings to allow him/her to use fractions in a real life situation.
• Shop for something new: To accompany homework in multiplying percentages, parents can provide their child with a sales advertisement and ask him/her to add up the cost of a new outfit, bedroom set, or sports gear. Parents can ask their child to compute the sales tax, requiring the students to multiply and use decimals.
• Set a timer to teach time: Even though students may have memorized what the numbers mean on a clock, they can begin to increase understanding of time in real life situations with the help of parents. Counting down to an event, asking how much time until the bus is scheduled to arrive and using a stop watch for family foot races are just a few ways a lesson on time can be integrated into everyday life.




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