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Reflecting on 9/11

Schools embrace lesson plans that keep memories going for younger students

POSTED September 10, 2013 10:00 p.m.

While most can pinpoint exactly what they were doing on the morning of the Sept. 11 attacks, the Turlock Unified School District is making sure the new generation of students learn about the day that changed the world forever.

“It’s important that these students acknowledge how this event was difficult for our nation and how much we’ve persevered since then,” said Turlock Junior High School principal Dave Kline.

 Members of the choir will be kicking off the anniversary of Sept. 11 during the televised morning announcements followed by a short video recounting the events.

“Some of the history classes will be covering the topic and discussions as well,” said Kline.

Students and teachers in all classes will be encouraged to talk about the events as they unfold through the day. Teachers in younger grades will have more basic, age-appropriate conversations while older grades will explore themes of nationalism, Arab-American relations and the war on terror.

For Turlock High School psychology teacher Ryan Tribble, the 12th anniversary of our nation’s attack will make his student’s reflect and appreciate their lives.

“I have an important day planned for my students,” said Tribble. “I’m going to start off the lesson by giving them interesting facts about 9/11. Then I will share with them about my experience on the day of the attack. It will be a lively discussion where students are going to be able to open their minds and reflect on their lives.”

Tribble’s lesson plan for the next two weeks includes discussions of the attack with the intention of having the students think how the events of that day will affect  their careers, ideals and goals.

“Death will also be a part of the discussion and I am going to emphasize how these innocent people had to jump off the towers to their deaths,” said Tribble. “I talk about what was possibly going on in their minds the moment they knew they were going to die. They didn’t have the chance to see their families or kiss their loved ones one last time. ”

Tribble hopes the discussions will make his students have a different outlook in life and appreciate their loved ones.

“I want my students to reflect on their existence and pursue what they are passionate about,” said Tribble. “I want them to go to college for a degree and to educate their minds. I want them to be excited to be alive. If they can wake up and are passionate about existing while treating others with love and compassion then it makes my lesson worth it.”

The Denair Unified School District will also be commemorating the 12th anniversary of our nation’s attack by showing off their patriotism school wide.

“As a school we will have one of our students read facts and statistics about 9/11 and then we have a moment of silence as a school,” said Denair High School Principal Aaron Delworth. “Students are encouraged to wear red, white, and blue to school and the class that has the most participation wins a class prize.”

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