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Gubernatorial candidate talks less regulation for business owners, lower taxes

Gubernatorial candidate talks less regulation for business owners, lower taxes

California State Assembly’s 33rd District Representative Tim Donnelly (R) visits Latif’s Restaurant in Turlock on Wednesday as he kicks off his campaign to run for Governor in 2014.

POSTED September 20, 2013 3:28 p.m.

A small crowd filled the backroom of Latif’s restaurant in Turlock on Wednesday, as Assemblyman Tim Donnelly (R) discussed his plans to take on the State Capitol in the 2014 gubernatorial election.

With an emphasis on decreasing state regulations on business owners and lowering taxes, Donnelly said he seeks to unleash prosperity in California once again.

“Right now our government expects us to do more, but in return we get less,” said Donnelly. “Business owners are being turned into targets. It’s time to liberate businesses from the existing oppressive regulations.”

Donnelly discussed how he believes the current legislation looking to increase the California minimum wage to $10 per hour by 2016 is an example of the government putting business owners into a tough position.

“A $10 minimum wage is nuts,” said Donnelly. “Most business owners want to raise the pay for their employees if they could, but by making it a law, it’s tying the business owners’ hands.”

Aside from what Donnelly believes to be oppressive regulations on business owners, key issues during the town hall-style meeting included defunding the high speed rail project, the benefits of fracking and tapping into California’s natural resources, decreasing the number of California gun laws, and creating stricter penalties for immigrants who enter the country illegally.

“We need to tap into our natural resources, but the enviro-fascists and enviro-tyrants have made that impossible to do,” said Donnelly. “It could create over 30 million jobs if we drilled on the California shore, and that’s what we need to do because the best social program in the world is a job – but we’re too busy giving free college to illegals.”

In regards to gun regulation, Donnelly believes California’s current governor Jerry Brown (D) is dedicated to taking away gun owners' freedoms.

“The issue surrounding firearms isn’t about whether you like guns,” said Donnelly. “It’s about if you love freedom. If I carried a .45 into an airport, I wouldn’t want to just be known as the governor that carried a .45 into an airport, but rather the governor that carried a .45 with hollow points into the airport. That would be enough to tell people where I stand on the gun control issue.”

Donnelly is currently in his second term after having been first elected in 2010 to represent California State Assembly’s 33rd District. Prior to serving in the State Assembly, Donnelly spent over 20 years running a manufacturing business in Twin Peaks. Although Donnelly is a registered Republican, he hopes to unite those across party lines.

“My goal is unify the Tea Party, Libertarians, Republicans and the disaffected... Democrats,” said Donnelly. “I’m not a politician, but a patriot. The parties have left the people, and it’s time for people to take back their power.”

“I’m not looking to make friends at the State Capitol, I’m interested in going there to kick over tables and take names,” continued Donnelly. “We need to seize Governor Brown’s seat and take back our power and freedom.”

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