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Perfect scores

POSTED September 20, 2013 11:45 p.m.


ELA stands for English-Language Arts

* Denotes students who had perfect scores in more than one test category


Brown Elementary

Estela Villa, ELA     


Crowell Elementary

Jason Bricky, General Math    


Cunningham Elementary

*Luis Ramirez, General Math and ELA


Earl Elementary

Madelyn Freeman, General Math

Kaitlyn Ball, General Math

Brock Muirbrook, General Math

Jaden Hagens, General Math

Halle Hemberry, General Math


Julien Elementary

*Colin Bethishou, ELA and General Math

Chloe Racho, General Math

Leyna Risinger, General Math

Alexis Stewart, ELA

Kyle Thomas, General Math

Mitchell Amos, ELA

Kayla Khodi, General Math

Isabella Ladine, General Math

Stella Pak, General Math

Tiffany Rios, General Math

Roy Williams Cadence, General Math

Joseph Adari, Science

Taylor Camp, General Math

Teddy Elieh, General Math

Hugo Jegoux, General Math

Jeffrey Jensen, General Math

*Jun Beom Kwon, General Math and Science

Anna Lima, General Math

Daniel Orosco, General Math

Makayla Reese, General Math

Amanda Safi, General Math


Medeiros Elementary

Kylie Guina, ELA

Sergio Jimenez, ELA

Kacey Rodriguez, General Math

Joelle Lok, General Math

Adrian Cabero, General Math

Haley Hamasaki, General Math

Makena Inghram, General Math

Ajitpaul  Kahlon, General Math

Jacob Masihi, General Math

Joseph Mikkelson, General Math

David Roy, General Math

Abbott Swanson, General Math


Osborn Two-Way Immersion Academy

*Faith Gazcon, General Math and ELA

Gabriel Gutierrez, General Math

Josiah Gonzales, General Math

Aaliyah Galindo, General Math

Paige Peterson, General Math


Wakefield Elementary

Leonardo Gutierrez, General Math

Jaseon Harris, General Math


Walnut Elementary

Danielle Houlden, General Math

Alexis Packwood, General Math

*Maya Olivia Salvador, General Math and ELA

Monet Sayadian, General Math

Tabitha Smith, ELA

Luke Thomas, General Math

Ramina Bella, General Math

Garrett Bragdon, General Math

Julia Carlson, General Math

Daniel Cuevas, General Math

Kyle Ericksen, General Math

Travis Ippolito, General Math

Brian Pitcock, General Math 

 Griffen Sotomayor, General Math 

 Ashish Thakur, General Math 

 Sharlien Envieh General Math

 Chuc Luu, Science  and General Math

Dion Skaria, General Math 


Turlock Junior High

Karendeep Kahlon, General Math

 Edward Miranda, General Math 

 Victor Pak, General Math 

 Ceder Schroer, General Math 

 Sarah Siegel, General Math 


Dutcher Middle

Joven Hundal, General Math

 Cynthea Kemper, General Math  

 Lauren Machado, General Math 

 Rajvir Purewal, General Math 

 Isabella Romeo, General Math 

 Daniel Cho Ahn, Grade-Level Math 

 Tanner Plaa, Grade-Level Math 


Turlock High

Anoopjot Bains, ELA

 Tyler Brittain, Science 

 Austin Cameron, Science 

 Samantha Cervenka, Science 

 Jacob Envia, Science 

 Hana Guerrero, Science 

 Walter Jordan, Science 

 Armen Nersiss, Science 

 Emily Warda, Science 

 Chloe Wells Cathcart, Science 

 Jack Wooley, Science 

 Alan Yu, Science 

 Jakob Bradley, Biology 

* Nicholas Chartrand, Life Science and Chemistry

Alex Gallo, Life Science 

 Mikaela Heisler, Life Science 

* Henna Hundal, High School Math  and Life Science

David Tomlinson, Life Science 

 Adam Volk, Biology 

 Sukhman Bassi, Chemistry 

 Bryson Curtin, U.S. History 

 Nicholas Ogden, U. S. History 


Pitman High

Katherine Brogdon, Science

 Christina Carlson, Science 

 Daniel Dwight, Science 

 Dylan Folkner, Science 

 Diego Garcia, Science 

 Zachary Harry, Science 

 Abigail Haynam, Science 

 Brody Inghram, Science 

 Graham Montgomery, Science 

 Andrew Pitcock, Science 

 Eshant Prakash, Science 

 River Sprague, Science 

 Lauren Jenna Suratos, Science 

 Thomas Ye, Science 

 Sebastian Acosta, World History 

 Alexander Aliaga, World History 

 Jacob Cayabyab, Geometry 

 Eliseo Garcia, Chemistry 

 Colin Van Winkle, Algebra II 

 Andrew Baker, Chemistry 

 Ryan Burns, Chemistry 


eCademy Charter

Carissa Otte, Science


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