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TID candidate Agundez cares about hiring locally

POSTED October 17, 2013 6:40 p.m.

Dear Editor,

Since TID Division 3 candidate Dan Agundez started talking about the need to hire locally again, and re-starting the apprentice programs for TID again, TID has opened a lineman position and is re-starting the apprentice program. Coincidence? Not likely.

It's an election year and the heat is on. The TID Board members know the TID water and electric customers (voters) are hearing news of alleged improprieties and questionable tactics being used by management to hire outside contractors, an attempt to make their union workers look bad. The TID Board let their customers sit for many hours with no power. The board simply didn't consider it an emergency. Thank God we have professional, trained union linemen who perform their duties, rain or shine, with respect for the customers.

The questions remain to be asked of the TID Board; why was it not important for you to hire locally and put our citizens back to work? Why are you spending millions to hire companies from out of state, rather than filling the current positions you've left vacant over the last few years? What is wrong with you? I've had it. I'm supporting Dan Agundez now. At least he cares about us.

— Jamie Casey


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