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Turlock city council candidate profile: Jeremy Rocha

Turlock city council candidate profile: Jeremy Rocha

POSTED October 13, 2010 5:03 p.m.

Name: Jeremy Rocha


Age: 23


Occupation: Agribusinessman, Rocha Central Valley Farms


Background: Lifelong resident of Turlock; Education — CSU Stanislaus, BA Political Science; Modesto Junior College, AA Transfer Studies; Turlock High School (3rd generation)


Q. Why do you think you would make a good council member?

A. I am not interested in playing politics. There are serious issues that currently face our city, state and nation and we need individuals that care to give careful consideration to all sides of an issue. What I have seen in my life is that too often people seek public office for the vanity of the title without regard to the work required and the need to be a positive example in the community. It has become normal for leaders to eagerly accept praise while running from scrutiny. I believe in being upfront and forthcoming, presenting to you the person I am, explaining my decisions and listening to concerns.

I want to build a record based on hard work and dedication to getting the job done. I fully recognize the responsibilities that I will have and the duty I will have to the people. These are trying times and with everything that is going on we need people that will live up to the true meaning of our representative democracy, making sure that government is by, of and for the people.

At my age, I see what is going on in government at all levels and I am concerned. My generation is seeing the American Dream disappearing and I wonder what will be here for the children that will soon be looking entirely at all of us for answers. It is time for those in my generation, who are responsible and knowledgeable, to step up and begin confronting the issues and start working on restoring the promise of leaving a nation to the next generation in a condition better than when we found it. I intend to prove myself and what someone of my generation can do. I will stand for Turlock and stand by you.


Q. If elected, what would be your priorities in office?

A. I will begin to work on my Turlock Improvement Plan and Central Valley Connection Initiative. They are plans that focus on increasing economic, education and entertainment opportunities in Turlock. Also, included are the establishment of broadcast television and the creation of a Valley leadership conference. The Central Valley has been among the hardest hit in this economy and I am calling for a joint resolution among our local governments demanding business friendly policies from Sacramento. I will work to give Turlock and the Valley a voice.

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