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Furniture store full of strange happenings

Furniture store full of strange happenings

An unexplained black shadow was caught on film in the attic of Minerva's Furniture.

POSTED October 29, 2010 8:23 p.m.

Strange noises and moving shadows are just some of the things that Carlos Sandoval noticed when he moved his furniture store into the old Youngdale’s building on Market Street in 2008. 

“There is something different here,” Sandoval said. “It’s not ordinary. It’s not something you see every day.”

When apparitions were seen darting across the back hall way and noises of a working blacksmith in the back warehouse were heard, Sandoval realized that something paranormal was present. Minerva’s workers often hear the sounds of metal pieces being dragged across the ground and someone banging metal pieces together in the back warehouse. But what most don’t know is that the back warehouse used to be a blacksmith shop and some of the original equipment is still intact today.

Sandoval decided it was time to investigate and see if there actually was something paranormal present in his store by bringing in the Western Region Paranormal Research (WRPR) team.

The Turlock Journal joined the investigation on the night of Aug. 14 where noises were recorded and a photograph revealed a shadow, both unexplainable.

Fred Schumacher, WRPR’s electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) specialist, said that after hours and hours of sifting through all the photos, video and audio recordings the team gathered that night, there were some interesting finds.

He said there were unknown voices recorded replying to some of the team member’s questions saying “yes” and “no.”

The team was also able to snap a photo in the loft of the main building of a black shadow-like object that the team deems unexplainable.

An evil angry spirit was felt in that same loft area by sensitive Gaylene Cornell. A sensitive is a person who senses spirits.

Also, Barbera Rubis-Johnson, lead investigator for the WRPR team, was able to catch an audio recording in the basement of Minerva’s when no one was present in the basement at the time. She said the noise sounds like a growling sound.

But compared to their investigation in January, the team didn’t gather as much evidence of the paranormal this time.

“This time was very quiet,” Schumacher said.

In their January investigation, he said that WRPR was able to get a recording of someone saying the name “Humphreys” in the loft in the back warehouse of Minerva’s.

Iesha Bayona, a sensitive with WRPR, said she felt the spirit of “Humphreys” that August night. She said he was playing with her like a child would and he would occasionally come up to her and touch her back or tug at her hair. She sensed “Humphreys” was a man in his 30s or 40s.

Other team members of WRPR experienced a temperature change in that same loft area during the Aug. 14 investigation. There was a temperature decrease in the upstairs loft area that made it about five to six degrees cooler than the downstairs area in the warehouse. 

After reviewing their findings, the WRPR team said there were some things they could not debunk at Minerva’s, but they did not have enough data to prove the building to be haunted.

But despite the few findings, Sandoval feels there are mysteries in his furniture store.

“There is something not normal here,” he said.

To contact Maegan Martens, e-mail or call 634-9141 ext. 2015.

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