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Testing perfection

POSTED April 19, 2011 10:26 p.m.

Turlock Unified School District released the names of students who scored perfect 600s on their California Standards Tests. TUSD had 110 students who reached perfection and five students who earned perfect scores in more than one subject testing area. The CSTs include testing for general math, English-language arts, geometry, algebra 1, algebra 2, summative high school math, integrated high school math, history-social science, science, biology, chemistry, earth science and physics. Test areas vary by grade level.

Students who scored a perfect 600

Brown Elementary School:

Test Part: General Math

Erik Cisneros, 4th grade

Joshua King, 4th grade

Josue Ramirez, 4th grade

Trisha Silveira, 4th grade

Zachary Harry, 6th grade

Abigail Haynam, 6th grade

Dennis Lawson, 6th grade


Crowell Elementary:

Test Part: General Math

Joaquin Gutierrez, 4th grade

Andrew Gonzalez, 5th grade

Jayden Kirby, 5th grade

Elijah Kost, 5th grade

Jovanny Guillen, 6th grade

Rilye Teodosio, 6th grade

Omar Vallejo, 6th grade


Cunningham Elementary:

Test Part: General Math

Kulkaran Khaira, 4th grade

Michael Mata, 4th grade

Garett Lema, 5th grade

Robert Toth, 5th grade

Juan Gallardo, 6th grade

Jack Gong, 6th grade

Test Parts: General Math and Science

Jared Harris, 6th grade


Dutcher Middle School

Test Part: General Math

Tanner Day, 7th grade

Alexander Lima, 7th grade

Tyler Saunders, 7th grade

Weston Tilby, 7th grade

Josalynn West, 7th grade

Alexandra Williams, 7th grade

Ruobing Zhu, 7th grade


Dennis Earl Elementary:

Test Part:  General Math

Cynthea Kemper, 4th grade

Sukhraj Dhillon, 5th grade

Eshant Prakash, 6th grade


Julien Elementary:

Test Part: General Math

Emmaline Arrigotti, 4th grade

Jordan Harringsma, 4th grade

Pepper Nunez Bradshaw, 4th grade

Sarah Siegel, 4th grade

Maya Young, 4th grade

Felisha Dias, 5th grade

Jadyn Tubbs, 5th grade

Daniel Dwight, 6th grade

Jacob Envia, 6th grade

Isaac Gascon, 6th grade

Karly Halsey, 6th grade

Jinseor Kim, 6th grade

Kaibree Nichols, 6th grade

Chloe Wells Cathcart, 6th grade

Jack Wooley, 6th grade

Thomas Ye, 6th grade

Test Parts: General Math and ELA

Brendan Tallent, 5th grade

Test Part: Science

Tyler Brittain, 6th grade


Medeiros Elementary:

Test Part: General Math

Ryan Green, 4th grade

Imelda Rashidian, 4th grade

Austin Allen, 5th grade

Cole Aschwanden, 5th grade

Jordan Dunham, 5th grade

Olivia Hawthorne, 5th grade

Anna Maria Rodriguez, 5th grade

Brooke Spillers, 5th grade

Jacob Staton, 5th grade

Joseph England, 6th grade

Tatiana Mendez, 6th grade

Test Parts: General Math and ELA

Navjeet Singh, 4th grade


Osborn Elementary:

Test Part: General Math

Jennifer Medina, 3rd grade

Paige Peterson, 3rd grade

Fernando Silva, 3rd grade

Ethan Adamson, 4th grade

William Cooke, 4th grade

Jonah May, 4th grade

Cheyene White, 4th grade

Davis Griffin, 6th grade


Wakefield Elementary:

Test Part: General Math

Luisa Polanco, 5th grade

Ariadly Gutierrez, 6th grade

Evan Sousa, 6th grade


Walnut Elementary:

Test Part: General Math

Joseph Carlsen Sutherland, 3rd grade

Chuc Luu, 3rd grade

Analiese Rivera, 3rd grade

Navjit Bath, 4th grade

Justin Belloli, 4th grade

Casey Carr, 4th grade

Abigail Perry, 4th grade

Cameran Sherwood, 4th grade

Ethan Sullivan, 4th grade

Audrey Dykzeul, 5th grade

Avery Owen, 5th grade

Carlos Medina Maldonado, 6th grade

Karissa Roof, 6th grade

Alan Yu, 6th grade


Pitman High School:

Test Part: Science

Andrew Baker, 9th grade

Gary Dunn, 9th grade

Zachary Hamilton, 9th grade

Jonathan Hemming, 9th grade

Nathaniel Hildebrand, 9th grade

Evan Schulze, 9th grade

Test Part: HS Sum Math

Alanna Dwight, 11th grade

Test Part: ELA

Samantha Trout, 11th grade

Test Parts: HS Sum Math and World History

Simon Staley, 11th grade


Turlock High School:

Test Part: Science

Sofie Bates, 9th grade

Austin Bush, 9th grade

Joseph Landers, 9th grade

Nicholas Ogden, 9th grade

Manar Safi, 9th grade

Test Part: Algebra I

Tonya Pruitt, 9th grade

Test Part: Algebra II

Anne Thomas, 10th grade

Test Part: Life Science

Blake Dunford, 11th grade

Markus Gemperle, 11th grade

Test Part: U.S. History and Biology

Nicolaus Coleman, 12th grade


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