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What I will remember of The Stick

A new dawn of time in San Francisco for the loyal red and gold is underway-what many 49er fans call the Niner Faithful. Monday's 34-24 victory against the Atlanta Falcons marked the 36th Monday Night Football game that Candlestick Park has hosted since opening in 1971, the most of any stadium in NFL history. This was the official regular season home finale game for the 49ers at the historic stadium.

December 26, 2013 | Eddie Ruiz | Sports Columns

Tackle box spring cleaning

I've learned over the years that a person could drive themselves crazy worrying about every little detail when it came to fishing.

December 06, 2013 | BY JAROD BALLARDO Fishing Columnist | Sports Columns

Don't let your boat sit too long

It puzzles me sometimes how something can break without even being used. Because of a busy schedule, I was unable to get my boat out for a few months. When I had last used it, everything was working perfectly. Upon starting my boat, everything seemed to be working great, until I looked at my fuel gauge. It was stuck on empty, I tapped on it, and looked for loose wires, but nothing seemed to work. Knowing that I had enough fuel for the day, I wasn't going to let a fuel gauge stop me from fishing; it did make ...

November 29, 2013 | BY JAROD BALLARDO Fishing Columnist | Sports Columns

Time for a bait change

I've always tried to keep things simple when it came to my fishing tackle. I have a couple favorite colors and a couple favorite baits that I've convinced myself that if they aren't working, the fish aren't biting. Over these past few years though, I've really begun to question my decision to stick to a handful of colors and techniques.

November 12, 2013 | BY JAROD BALLARDO Fishing Columnist | Sports Columns

The draw of year-round fishing

The first time I took my wife out fishing on the Delta she asked "are there always this many bugs around?" I knew then that it was going to be a short trip and that the Delta was off the list when planning to take her fishing.

October 26, 2013 | BY JAROD BALLARDO Fishing Columnist | Sports Columns

Patterson tribute race to end track season

The 2013 local racing season will come to a close on Nov. 2 with the 30th Annual "Tribute to Gary Patterson" event at the Stockton Dirt Track, located at the San Joaquin County fairgrounds. The program will feature championship night for the King of the West 410 Sprint Car Series, a special open 360 Winged Sprint Car event and a large fireworks show.

October 18, 2013 | BY DALE BOSOWSKI Motorsports columnist | Sports Columns

Delta bearings easy with GPS

Navigating the Delta can be a little intimidating for someone who's not familiar with where they are going. I can remember my first couple of years fishing the Delta. I made sure to never stray too far from the launch ramp, but always wondered where all the other boats were heading out towards.

October 15, 2013 | BY JAROD BALLARDO Fishing Columnist | Sports Columns

Trip down striper memory lane

With the stripers beginning to make their way through the Delta, once again I'm reminded of my first time ever fishing for them.

October 04, 2013 | BY JAROD BALLARDO Fishing Columnist | Sports Columns

49ers should worry, but not freak out

When the NFL schedule was released earlier this year, the San Francisco 49ers weren't expecting to enter Week 4 against the St. Louis Rams with a 1-2 record, but that's exactly where the defending NFC Champions find themselves.

September 24, 2013 | Frankie Tovar | Sports Columns

Miller takes first win at Stockton 99

Turlock's Wes Miller cruised to his first victory of the season in the 17-car Modified feature at Stockton's 99 Speedway last Saturday.

September 06, 2013 | BY DALE BOSOWSKI Motorsports columnist | Sports Columns

Voss avoids wrecks to win at Stockton 99

Jeremy Voss of Upper Lakes, Calif. was able to successfully navigate his way through a series of wrecks to take the checkered flag in the caution-filled 125-lap SPEARS Southwest Tour Series event presented by 51Fifty Energy Drink at Stockton 99 Speedway on Saturday night.

August 20, 2013 | BY DALE BOSOWSKI Motorsports columnist | Sports Columns

Fall fishing coming soon

It's already getting darker earlier in the day and getting cooler at night, meaning to me that fall weather is closer than most people may think it is. Fall fishing is just as good or better than spring fishing. Just about all the species of fish become active while trying to prepare themselves for the winter.

August 16, 2013 | BY JAROD BALLARDO Fishing Columnist | Sports Columns

Luck is learning from past experience

Over the years I've been surprised more than once by a fish willing to bite at the strangest moments. Countless times, I've set my rod down to reach for something to drink or eat and to my surprise I had a fish on the other end of the line.

August 09, 2013 | BY JAROD BALLARDO Fishing Columnist | Sports Columns

Knot good enough for me

Every angler has his or her favorite knot. The first knot that was taught to me I still use today. It's a simple knot that I find myself using more out of sentimental value than ease of tying or effectiveness.

August 02, 2013 | BY JAROD BALLARDO Fishing Columnist | Sports Columns

Be prepared to get hooked

Several years ago while fishing with a newcomer to the sport, he hooked a striped bass and brought it into the boat. As he was unhooking the fish it started to thrash around and managed to send his hook right through the inside of his index finger. Once we put the fish back into the water he looked at me and said "take it out." I told him that I would try and proceeded to get a line set for the yank technique.

July 26, 2013 | BY JAROD BALLARDO Fishing Columnist | Sports Columns

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Ready for a USA finish

I have been tasked with predicting the outcome of Sunday's Women's World Cup Final, pitting the USA against Japan in a rematch of the 2011 final.

July 02, 2015 | Eddie Ruiz | Sports Columns

Kokanee get a break this year due to drought

This year, more than any other year, I'm really being forced to think twice about where I'm going to go fishing next. Very few of my regular summertime fishing spots have enough water to safely or easily launch my boat anymore. These past few years I've really enjoyed fishing for Kokanee. Lakes like New Melones and Don Pedro are full of Kokanee but are both at their lowest in decades. All of the reports have stated that it's safe to launch with a 4X4, but without a courtesy dock and only one lane, I'm not ...

July 02, 2015 | BY JAROD BALLARDO Fishing Columnist | Sports Columns


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