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Cause of death known, but unreleased for two people found at Turlock murder-suicide scene
The Turlock Police Department and the Stanislaus County Coroner's Office has officially released the names of the four individuals found deceased inside a Turlock home on June 26. - photo by Photo Contributed

The Turlock Police Department, in conjunction with the Stanislaus County Coroner’s Office, officially released the names of the four individuals found dead in an apparent murder-suicide in a Turlock home.

The coroner’s office positively identified three of the four individuals as Rozmary Babakhan, 70, Robert Babakhan 42, and Rodney Bowman, 39. Although the coroner’s office is still pending positive identification, the fourth person has been tentatively identified as Sarkis Babakhan, 78. Bowman had previously changed his name from Radni Babakhan.

The police department stated the cause of death has been determined for two of the individuals, but did not state for which two or how they died. The cause of death for the two remaining individuals is pending pathology and toxicology reports, the police department stated in a news release.

The identity of the four individuals had been previously widely publicized after the family released a photo of the family and family friends confirmed their identities.

The family was found deceased in their Red Oak Court home on the night of June 26 by a relative who was visiting the home out of concern that she had not seen or heard from any of the family for some time. The family had been deceased for more than 24 hours when they were discovered.

Investigators suspect the deaths were a result of a murder-suicide, though they have not stated who was murdered and who died by suicide.

The bodies were found throughout the home. The smell of gas was present in the home and the Turlock Fire Department was called out because of an element of arson found inside the home.