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Courthouse kiosk at police station
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The Turlock City Council approved the installation of a Stanislaus County Superior Court kiosk inside the Turlock Police Department on Tuesday night, saving residents a trip to Modesto to conduct court business.
The Turlock branch of the county courthouse is scheduled to temporarily close Oct. 2 and remain shuttered for at least a year, said Court Executive Officer Michael Tozzi.
The new kiosk will give residents the option of paying tickets and accessing some court records.
The kiosk will be a similar format to one that used to be available at the Vintage Faire Mall in Modesto. It will be equipped with a touch screen and a phone line connected to a help desk.
“It’s a really simple format that saves time for both the users and our clerks,” Tozzi said.
Tozzi said the court hopes to eventually expand the services offered at the kiosk to include filing small claims.
The touch screen kiosks will eventually be installed at other cities around the county, Tozzi said.