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Delhi woman wounded by pit bull
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A woman out for a walk with her dog was attacked by a pit bull in Delhi on Thursday morning.
The 28-year-old woman was treated for several lacerations at Emanuel Medical Center. Some of the wounds were eight to four inches long, according to the Merced County Sheriff’s Department.
The victim was walking her dog in the area of Shanks Road and Letteau Avenue around 11:40 a.m. Thursday. She was walking through a vacant lot when the 60-pound pit bull came around a corner and charged at her, sheriff spokesman Deputy Tom MacKenzie said.
The dog clamped down on one of her arms as she tried to fight it off. The dog briefly let go of one arm, only to bite down on her other arm, MacKenzie said.
The woman was able to fight the dog off her. She ran to a nearby residence for help, at which point, the pit bull turned on her 20-pound ranch dog.
The pit bull had the ranch dog by the throat when Peter Duncan was driving by, saw what was happening, ran up to the pit bull and kicked it in the side. The pit bull ran off yelping back to its house.
Merced County Sheriff’s Deputy Mark Taylor responded with animal control and was able to secure the 3-year old pit bull named “Daisy.” Deputy Taylor’s investigation is still ongoing and it is unknown at this point whether or not the dog’s owner will face criminal charges.
The victim’s dog did not suffer any serious injury, MacKenzie said.
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