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IRS scam pops up in Turlock
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A new phone scam is making the rounds in Turlock, with the schemer purporting to be an Internal Revenue Service agent.

The Turlock Police Department received a report of the scam on Feb. 28. The victim stated he received a call from a man claiming to be with the IRS. The man told the victim that he was behind on his taxes and if he did not set the amount over to an account via money transfer then he would face legal consequences. The caller threatened the man with imminent arrest by telling him “members of the Turlock Police Command Staff would be contacting him and/or arresting him,” said police spokesperson Officer Mayra Lewis.

The Turlock Police Department does not work on behalf of the IRS by collecting money for them.

A similar scam was recently reported by the Modesto Police Department, in which the scammer said the person would be arrested if they did not send a pre-paid debit card to cover back taxes.