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Missing girl found
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The Livingston teenager who was an at-risk runaway has been found safe in Ripon.

Sarah Wade, 14, left her Livingston home last week and met up with her 17-year-old Turlock boyfriend, Christian Graham. Wade was classified as an at-risk runaway because she had made suicidal statements.

According to the Merced County Sheriff’s Department, the teen couple obtained a ride to Modesto where they walked to Salida, then made their way to a friend’s house in Ripon.

The family at the Ripon house knew the teens had runaway and took Graham to the police department, while keeping Wade at the house, said sheriff spokesman Deputy Tom MacKenzie.

The Ripon Police Department responded to the house and picked up Wade.

After interviews there was no evidence of abuse or mistreatment by family, although Wade admitted she had thoughts of suicide, MacKenzie said.

Graham was returned to his mother and Sarah was taken to Marie Green for psychiatric care.

Both teens were physically unharmed and had been obtaining help from friends the past couple of days.

At this point no charges are being filed against the teens, MacKenzie said.