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New juvenile center focuses on rehabilitation
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Stanislaus County’s new $22.7 million Juvenile Commitment Center opened Friday with an emphasis on educating and rehabilitating the youths at the facility.

The 60-bed facility at 2215-A Blue Gum Ave. in Modesto is adjacent to Juvenile Hall. It will be used to house young offenders who have become committed wards of the court. Juvenile Hall will continue to house non-committed offenders.

The Juvenile Commitment Center came about through a partnership between Stanislaus County and the state-run Department of Corrections Youthful Offender Rehabilitative Facility Construction Funding Program. The newly opened Juvenile Commitment Center is the first to receive funding from the program.

Stanislaus County received $15.5 million of the $22.7 million of necessary funding through a state grant.  The balance of funds were paid by the county through $1.75 million in Public Facility Fees, $700,000 in Criminal Justice Facilities Funds and $1.7  million in matching funds for the property.

The new facility is 45,600 square feet, with one 30-bed living unit and two separate 15-bed living units. The facility will have features such as: A culinary training kitchen for job skills; a visitor center/gymnasium; two program rooms and four classrooms; a full-service commercial kitchen; and dayrooms, interview and screening rooms.

The facility will be operated by the Stanislaus County Probation Department.