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Turlock man charged with murder in 2013 shooting
Suspect claims victim was trespassing on his property
Robin Boyer
Robin Boyer

The Stanislaus County District Attorney’s office has filed a murder charge against a Turlock man who shot to death a 25-year-old man he caught on his property. The charge comes nearly a year and a half after the fatal shooting.

Robin Boyer, 60, was arrested Thursday on suspicion of murder for the death of Brandon Pacheco. The district attorney’s office also included an enhancement against Boyer that he used a firearm in the commission of the offense.

Boyer was arrested Thursday night by the Turlock Police Department during a traffic stop in the 2700 block of W. Main Street.

Boyer is currently being held at the Stanislaus County Jail without bail. An arraignment hearing is scheduled for Monday.

The arrest was greeted with great relief from Pacheco’s family, who have been very vocal and active in their desire to see Boyer face prosecution. In the days after his death they held vigils, marches and protests asking for an arrest to be made in the case.

“We are all just relieved justice is finally happening,” said Shannon Pacheco, Brandon’s sister. “We have waited and prayed for this day.”

On the morning of July 23, 2013, the Turlock Police Department and emergency personnel were dispatched to a residence in the 1100 block of Dianne Drive for a report of a shooting, where they found Pacheco deceased from a gunshot wound to the head.

Boyer told Turlock Police detectives the neighborhood had been experiencing some thefts and that he himself had had items stolen off his property recently. On that morning he spotted Pacheco on his property and went out to confront him, armed with a shotgun.

Boyer told investigators he confronted Pacheco, who was unknown to him, and that an altercation ensued and that he shot Pacheco, striking in him in the head.

Pacheco’s family has stated on multiple occasions that he was shot in the back of the head, and they believe he was running away from the scene rather than engaging in any kind of altercation. His body was found between a field of sweet potatoes and the fence line of the property next door to Boyer’s. Pacheco’s dirt bike was lying on the ground next to him.

Pacheco was unarmed at the time of his death.

No arrest was made at the time of the shooting and the case was eventually forwarded to the district attorney’s office for review and a final determination of whether or not charges would be filed.

The Pacheco family has retained the services of Santa Monica-based attorney Arthur Lesmez to conduct an independent investigation into the shooting. Lesmez said the family has up to two years from the date of the incident to file a civil wrongful death suit against Boyer, if that is the course of action they decide to pursue.

Pacheco had a prior conviction for theft in March 2013, and had been arrested in July on suspicion of burglary.