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Woman arrested after driving with man hanging on car
Angelica Laughlin
Angelica Laughlin

Some motorists and bystanders saw an incident that looked like it could have come from a stunt scene in an action movie, but in reality, was a continuation of a couple's fight.

The man and woman were engaged in a verbal dispute shortly before 9 a.m. Thursday outside a motel in the 100 block of N. Tully Road. During the argument the man jumped on the woman's vehicle.

The woman then proceeded to drive the vehicle out onto the street and then onto Highway 99, all while the man gripped on tightly to the outside of the car, said Turlock Police Sgt. Michael Parmley.

In an attempt to get into the vehicle, the man broke the rear window, at which point the woman pulled over to the shoulder of the highway and started hitting him, Parmley said.

Police were called to the scene and found the man with non-life-threatening injuries from the attack.

The woman, Angelica Laughlin, 19, of Modesto was arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault and domestic battery.