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Another HAWK in Hilmar
Hilmar crosswalk
A second HAWK Beacon Pedestrian Crosswalk system is being installed in Hilmar, this time at the intersection of State Route 165 Lander Avenue and Campbell Street (Photo contributed).

A year after the installation of a new state-of-the-art crosswalk system, the city of Hilmar and Caltrans are doubling up on their efforts to keep pedestrians safe.

On Monday, work began to install the city’s second HAWK Beacon Pedestrian Crosswalk at the intersection of State Route 165 Lander Avenue and Campbell Street. Installation, which includes roadway excavation for new striping and lighting, the removal and replacement of concrete curbs, sidewalk and curb ramps, and the installation of the crosswalk system, is expected to last until early November.

The HAWK system, which stands for High Intensity Activated Crosswalk, uses three lights arranged in a triangle — two red on top, one yellow on the bottom. Pedestrians push a button to activate the flashing yellow light. After some time, the flashing stops and the yellow and both red lights instruct drivers to stop. Motorists who fail to yield when the lights are illuminated can be cited and fined.

“This project will benefit the students and pedestrians using the Lander Avenue and Campbell Street intersection and provide proper warning for motorists to slow down and stop at the crosswalk,” the State of California Department of Transportation said in a statement. “By installing the PHB/HAWK pedestrian crosswalk system, this project will enhance pedestrian safety and greatly reduce any collision severity at the intersection.”

Crews will work morning and afternoon shifts Monday through Friday. Work will get underway each day from 5 a.m. to 7 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Roadside message signs will be placed on Lander Avenue to alert motorists of scheduled construction work. Sidewalk detour signs will also be posted. The work schedule is subject to change due to traffic incidents, weather, availability of equipment and materials or other construction-related issues.

The first HAWK system in Hilmar was installed in June of 2022 on State Route 165 Lander Avenue, across from Elim Elementary and Hilmar High campuses. Extensive efforts were made by the Hilmar Unified School District to educate students, families and community members about the new crosswalk system and how to use it at the time of project’s completion.
Updates on the installation of the new HAWK system in Hilmar and other road projects in Caltrans District 10 can be found at