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Business students make $2,644 out of lemons
California State University, Stanislaus business students held a lemonade sale to raise funds for the Salvation Army in Turlock. - photo by Photo Contributed

California State University, Stanislaus Introduction to Business students recently learned that when life gives you lemons you make lemonade. The students squeezed out $2,644.55 for The Salvation Army Turlock in a lemonade sales contest at the Save Mart supermarket.
BUS 1500 instructor Jack Doo said the eight-hour total was an all-time record for the semi-regular competition.  His classes have donated a total of $19,197.87 since 2004.
“The 41 students in the class took this year’s contest to a new level by tapping into social networks,” said Doo.  “One team sent out a Facebook event blast to 600 of their friends.”
For business students the off-campus project directly relates to lessons learned in the classroom.
“The students learned that cause marketing is very powerful and community service is good for business,” he said.  “They also wrote a business plan and practiced salesmanship and professionalism.”
In appreciation of receiving 100 percent of the profits, the Turlock Salvation Army created a $250 scholarship exclusively for Doo’s class.
“By bringing the community together with these sales, the business students have really made a difference for those in need with their hard work and donations,” said Major Debi Shrum of The Salvation Army.  “We’re very pleased we can support and encourage their community service with this scholarship.”
Past Introduction to Business classes have sold items at the Ceres Flea Market, conducted a comprehensive consumer focus group on the local floral industry and assisted in the sale of a $500,000 house by hosting an open house.