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Merced College still on accreditation warning
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Merced College will remain on warning from the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges for failing to meet standards in three areas.

The college was placed on warning in summer 2011, following an accreditation review by ACCJC. The commission found Merced College needed to improve in program review, planning and resource allocation, and governing board development.

The extension of the “warning” status was anticipated by Merced College, according to Anne Newins, Merced College’s accreditation liaison officer and acting president.

“We have worked very hard to address ACCJC’s recommendations, but we knew that there are some final projects that needed to be completed prior to the lifting of the sanction,” Newins said. “The Commission has recognized these efforts and improvements, which is why there are no further sanctions.”

Merced College is expected to submit a follow-up report in March 2013, explaining how the college has addressed areas of concern to the ACCJC.

The warning status will not affect Merced College’s accreditation in the near term. The college will continue to offer courses and grant degrees, and classes will be eligible for transfer credit. Additionally, the warning status will not affect student financial aid or the college’s finances in any way.

Incoming Merced College President Ron Taylor said the college will continue work to address the final few recommendations, making improvements in communications, human resources, and implementing a new program review process.

“I am pleased with the progress the college has been making,” Taylor said.  “We will address the remaining recommendations expeditiously and resolve them in the next few months.”