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Students organize career fair at Pitman High
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Pitman High School students took a look into their futures on Thursday with a Career Day in the quad. Students still have a few years to figure out what career field they want to enter, but the information fair gave them a few more options to consider.

Twenty-five businesses attended the fair, representing careers in law enforcement, insurance, banking and other fields. The event was put together by Regional Occupational Program (ROP) office students. They organized and planned the career fair, contacted businesses and made sure the event ran smoothly.

“I wanted my students to learn what it takes to put an event together,” said business teacher Anna Eshoo.

Students who organized the event learned how to write a cover letter, how to communicate in a professional environment, and how to follow up with their contacts. Crystal Zuno, a senior at Pitman High School, said that she personally visited some of the businesses that attended the event.

“I think it was a really good event, people learned something and a lot of businesses came. I invite businesses to come again next year,” Zuno said, “I won’t be here next year, but I hope they do this again.”

The career fair was held during students’ lunch hour in the quad. Businesses and employers gave out information about the type of school or training it takes to get hired in their fields. Victor Curtis, a state parole officer, said that the event was a good way to reach out to students, even though they can’t enter most law enforcement positions until they are at least 21.

“We hope to make the connection now so they might consider it in the future. We also want them to see that law enforcement officers are not bad,” Curtis said.

Several colleges and technical institutes also attended the career fair. Among them were San Joaquin Valley College, the Art Institute, and Humphrey’s college. Larry Wilson from the Art Institute said the students who attended the career fair seemed genuinely interested and asked some good questions. Carrie Castillon from Humphrey’s college said career fairs are a great opportunity for students.

“It’s really important for kids to see what their options are,” Castillon said.

Students left the lunch time career information fair with a better perspective on their choices for the future and some food for thought.

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