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Commission approves thousands in funding for Turlock events
City Council will have final decision on spending allocation
cannon sketch
The Turlock Parks, Arts and Recreation Commission recommended relocating the War Memorial Cannon to Central Park, as seen here in an artistic rendering. - photo by Artwork contributed


The Turlock Parks, Arts and Recreation Commission recommended allocating $43,500 to nine different events on Wednesday as part of the Community Events and Activities Grant Program.

The program garnered 16 applications in total with overall funding requests surpassing $100,000. However, since the grant program was only allocated $46,000, Director of Parks, Recreation and Public Facilities Allison Van Guilder said city staff narrowed down the applications based on their direct impact on Transient Occupancy Tax, such as overnight room stays, which funds the program.  

“We had a significant imbalance with the number of requests that we received,” said Van Guilder. “As a result, we did have to eliminate several events that did not identify an impact on TOT—albeit very worthy, or a very popular event, we had to really look at it from a practical sense.”

Events that did not progress for consideration during Wednesday’s meeting were the Turlock Downtown Proper Owners Association’s Festival of Lights, unspecified Carnegie Arts Center events, Top Sport’s Turlock Criterium, the Turlock Certified Farmers’ Market, the Christmas Parade, Turlock Journal’s Central Valley Senior Showcase, and Off the Hook Ministries’ Knock Out Fitness Grand Opening.

The Assyrian American Civic Club’s 49th Assyrian State Convention, with a projected attendance of 5,000 people, has moved forward in its proposal for $10,000 in funding. This money will go towards reserving parks, paying for transportation, and paying fees for basketball and volleyball tournaments.

The event is expected to have a direct economic impact of $105,000 to $210,000 from day visitors and $225,000 to $300,000 from overnight visitors.

 “Assyrians from all over California and Arizona will come to Turlock,” said Assyrian American Civic Club President Sam David. “Generally, it’s a large event.”

With 1,125 estimated attendees, the American Cowboys Team Roping Association California Chapter Team Roping Championships was recommended to receive a $6,000 grant. If approved, these funds will go towards marketing, advertising, event set up and awards. The event is projected to accumulate direct economic impacts of $29,750 from day visitors and $105,000 from overnight visitors.

The Assyrian Catholic Church of the East was recommended to receive a $2,000 grant for its first Assyrian Festival, an amount that comes as an $8,000 deduction from their original proposal. The expected total attendance is 10,000 people, with 3,000 people coming from out of town.

This money will be used to promote and educate the public about Assyrian culture with food, exhibits, vendors, carnival and kids zone. The direct economic impact is estimated at $700,000 for day visitors and $9,000 for overnight visitors.

“We can see what happens at the event and then next year, depending on how it turned out, we can give more,” said Commissioner Lakneshia Diaz.

The Bring the Ruckus Car Show 2016 will progress towards receiving a $5,000 grant for its event that is projected to bring in 500 attendees and an estimated direct economic impact of $1,500 from overnight visitors and $14,000 from day visitors. Hosted by the Illicit Car and Truck Club, the money will go towards paying for the venue, entertainment, shirts, and advertising.

The 2016 Central Valley Brewfest, sponsored by MD Event Productions, was recommended to receive $6,000 for radio and social media advertising, facility rental rates, additional security and additional restrooms. The expected attendance for the event is 2,000 people with a direct economic impact estimated at $60,000 from overnight visitors and $50,000 for day visitors.

WGAS Motorsports will move forward with its proposal for $3,500 for the 2016 Coors Monster Truck Spring Nationals. The funds will be used to offset production costs, book hotel rooms, and media for the event that is projected to bring in 500 out of town attendees out of a total attendance of 5,000. The event is estimated to have a direct economic impact of $196,000 for day visitors and $10,500 for overnight visitors.

R.A.M. Farms Inc. was recommended to receive $5,000 to advertise for Fields of Ice. This year is expected to bring in 35,000 people, with 3,500 of those being from out of town. R.A.M. Farms Inc. projects that the event will have a direct economic impact of $243,600 for day visitors and $9,000 for overnight visitors.

R.A.M. Farms Inc will also move forward with its proposal for a $1,000 grant that will be used for advertising the Turlock Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze. With an expected total attendance at 15,000 people, and 1,000 of those individuals being from out of town, the event is projected to bring in a direct economic impact of $71,400 from day visitors and $3,000 from overnight visitors.

California State University, Stanislaus was recommended to receive a $5,000 grant to cover the cost of its Tournament of Champions. It is expected to bring in upwards of 1,200 people, with 1,000 people estimated to come from out of town. Direct economic impact from day visitors is $14,500 and $150,000 from overnight visitors.

These recommendations will be presented before the Turlock City Council during their June 23 meeting.

The Commission also held a public hearing on Wednesday for the War Memorial Cannon Relocation Project. Due to the sale of the 900 N. Palm property and surrounding facilities, the War Memorial Cannon has been proposed to be moved to Central Park.

The public hearing garnered no feedback regarding the proposal and the Commission unanimously voted to recommend the project to the Turlock City Council.