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New Year’s resolution

Need a New Year’s resolution for 2020? Try recycling! Recycling not only benefits the environment and community, but it can also benefit you!

 Some of the more common New Year’s resolutions are to lose weight or kick a bad habit, but everyone should vow to recycle more in 2020. Recycling not only improves your life, but it helps the lives of others, including future generations to come.

Landfills around the world are quickly filling up and the supply of natural resources is going down. There is still time to make a difference and every person who recycles counts.

Sticking to your goal of recycling more in 2020 is easy. It is not a huge time commitment or financial burden. Getting started is simple. Get a recycling bin for your house and place it next to your trash can and you are set. Start throwing recyclable materials in the recycling bin instead of the trash can and there you have it, you are recycling!

Once your recycling bin is full, make sure to place your recyclable items in the proper container for pick-up by your waste hauler. You can also take recyclable materials like aluminum cans or plastic bottles, to a recycling center to earn a few extra bucks.

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