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Rain rain dont go away, water our yards a few more days

California has received some well-deserved rain the last few weeks. However, it is far from being enough to pull the sunshine state out of the drought it has suffered from for over four years. Although, it is enough to keep our sprinkler systems off for a while longer.

Earlier this year, Governor Brown requested all California residents to conserve 20 percent. Since the majority of water use is due to outdoor watering, keeping sprinkler systems off will help tremendously in meeting the desired 20 percent. Chuck Ingels, a UC Cooperative Extension advisor in Sacramento County, was quoted in an article published by the Department of Water Resources, stating, “Storms in the last couple of weeks have delivered a couple of inches or more of precipitation to most parts of California. Trees, shrubs, flowers and lawns naturally use less water in winter’s cool temperatures, and so an inch of rain provides enough moisture to forego the need for sprinklers for up to several weeks depending on temperatures.” For those who choose to water their yard, be sure to not water while it is raining or 48 hours following measurable rainfall.

The City of Turlock encourages all citizens to work together to save water and preserve the City’s water supply.

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Is your yard needing a makeover? If you notice the only time you walk on your grass is to mow it, you may want to consider giving your yard a new look. Consider replacing your grass with water-wise landscape. This will reduce water use and maintenance.