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Another big winner at Hilmar’s Kwik Serv
Hilmar lottery winner
The Kwik Serv gas station at 8480 Lander Ave. in Hilmar once again sold a lucky ticket, this time a $3,383,371 Mega Millions winner. In December, the same store sold a a scratcher worth $508,953 (Journal file photo).

The California Lottery announced last week that a $3,383,371 Mega Millions ticket was sold at Kwik Serv gas station at 8480 Lander Ave. in Hilmar. The big winner comes less than eight months after the same store sold a scratcher worth $508,953.

The winning ticket, which cashed in the Aug. 8 Mega Millions drawing, wasn’t the biggest in the country, though, as it was the second-place winner after only matching the first five numbers. Those winning numbers were 13-19-20-32-33 and Mega Ball 14. Meanwhile, only one ticket in Florida hit the jackpot, which wound up being worth $1.602 billion after final sales were tallied across the United States.

California is the only Mega Millions state where the second-place prize tier can be worth more than one million dollars. That prize level acts much like a secondary jackpot; it rolls even higher when no tickets match the first five numbers correctly. Although one winning ticket did match the first five numbers only a week ago for the Aug. 1 draw, sales were so strong, it propelled the second prize for Tuesday night to nearly $3.4 million.

Winners of any prize tier below the jackpot in the state of California have 180 days from the date of the draw to claim their money.

As for the selling retailer, Hilmar’s Kwik Serv, they will continue to reap the rewards of selling winning tickets. According to the California Lottery, retailers who sell winning tickets receive 0.5% percent of the total winnings.

When the store sold the half-million-dollar scratcher back in December, cashier Helena explained that their previous records were a $76,000 scratcher nearly nine years ago and a $21,000 winner in 2021.

“We’re just a lucky retailer,” she said at the time.