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Barbecue turns to fire call
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A plan to barbecue a roast instead ignited a garage at a Turlock apartment complex Sunday afternoon.

The fire was contained to a garage at Sierra Oaks Apartments at 3025 Christoffersen Parkway and no injuries were reported, according to the Turlock Fire Department.

The apartment resident said the barbecue was in an alcove between the garage and the apartment. It was about three to four feet from the complex and six to eight feet from the open garage door, the fire department reported.

The resident left the barbecue unattended with the lid off while he went upstairs to get the roast. While upstairs the fire alarm went off and the resident rushed back downstairs to find “steam and water” coming from his garage.

The fire department said wind picked up embers from the barbecue and carried them to the garage where they ignited some fabric placed on a dresser.

The fire department quickly extinguished the fire upon arrival. The sprinkler system was activated but its effectiveness was hampered because the garage door was open and blocking the water.

The damage was limited to a small area and the damage was estimated at $300, according to the fire department.