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Celebrating the Spirit of 45
Lt. Jason Panos of the U.S. Navy shakes hands with local World War II veterans and thanks them for their service and sacrifice.

This year marks the 69th anniversary of the end of World War II and with the individuals representing the Greatest Generation growing sparse, Paramount Court Senior Living chose to honor 12 World War II veterans at their annual Spirit of ’45 event.

“Our goal is to help educate the community and to honor the veterans that reside here at Paramount Court.  We hope that this event sparks interest in the hearts and minds of our community and to help our community truly appreciate the sacrifice that was made by this generation,” said Cheryl Gerhardt, marketing director of Paramount Court Senior Living.


The veterans, fellow Paramount Court seniors, policemen, firemen, and representatives of local dignitaries gathered on Wednesday to honor the sacrifice and contributions these veterans have made to the United States of America.

“We feel that it is really important to remember what the country was like during World War II times,” said Gerhardt.  “It truly was a time when our country came together. Not only was it our veterans serving at home or overseas, but the women who served at home by stepping into the workforce.”