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Children see classic fairy tale reimagined through puppets
Giggles fill the Turlock Library as children and parents watch the “Little Red Riding Hood” puppet show. Over 200 people attended the two puppet show performances held on Wednesday. - photo by MAEGAN MARTENS / The Journal
Over 200 children gathered in the Turlock Library on Wednesday to experience a new version of the classic tale of “Little Red Riding Hood” told by puppet versions of Red, the Big Bad Wolf, Grandma and Red’s dog Fifi.
This time though, the Wolf didn’t want to eat Grandma. He wanted to scarf down Red’s pepperoni pizza that she carried in her basket.
The 85 children and parents in attendance at the 12:30 p.m. Wednesday performance were more than willing to help Red outsmart the Big Bad Wolf.
“The basket is over there, over there!” the children told the wolf as they pointed to the right of the stage. As the wolf opened the basket with the help of the children, fireworks blasted in the air scaring him into not wanting pizza ever again.
The children were also happy to tell Red that they helped save her pizza that her grandma ended up eating by the end of the performance.
“I liked helping Little Red Riding Hood,” said 11-year-old Yajaira Montes. “Little Red Riding Hood is my favorite! I like this version better than the original where the wolf eats grandma.”
At the end of the performance, a puppeteer from the Puppet Art Theaters demonstrated how each puppet worked and taught the children in attendance how to use the puppets. She showed the children a mouth puppet, a finger puppet and rod puppets.
The puppet show of “Little Red Riding Hood” was one of many activities the Turlock Library puts on every year with the help of the Friends of the Turlock Library. There are a variety of activities with puppet shows, magicians and animal sightings in the library. All these activities are free and open to the public.  
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