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County sees highest one-day rise in COVID-19 cases
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Stanislaus County is seeing a resurgence of COVID-19 cases with testing positive rate increasing and the highest number of one-day cases posted on Sunday.

On Sunday, Stanislaus County recorded 102 new cases, which is the highest number since the county started recording cases in March. One week ago, the county was still under 1,000 cases. As of Tuesday, the county has reported 1,267 COVID-19 cases with 313 of those presumed active.

Stanislaus County Health Service Agency is looking at whether or not the high number was from a reporting error on the state's part, in that some of those cases should have been reported on Friday and Saturday.

The county has been seeing a rise in cases since businesses began re-opening May 20. The rise has health officials considering making wearing face masks in public mandatory. A decision on masks is expected some time this week.

Stanislaus County's testing positive rate had grown to 6.2 percent as of Tuesday, but still remains below the state's threshold of 8 percent.

The number of deaths in Stanislaus County is at 35. Of those, 88.6 percent have been in people 65 years and older and 11.4 percent have been in people between the ages of 50 to 64 years.

As the number of cases in the county has increased, so too has the hospitalization rate. Currently, 61 county residents are hospitalized with 16 of those in ICU.

The availability of hospital beds has dropped to 48 percent and ICU bed availability is at 46 percent. Ventilator availability is at 84 percent.

One of the largest spreaders currently of COVID-19 are work places, according to the health department. Work sites, excluding health care facilities, now account for 16 percent of the cluster cases in the county and 6 percent of the deaths.

Recently, the Hughson Nut Company's facility in Livingston reported eight employees have tested positive for COVID-19, according to the Merced County Department of Public Health.

The company is working together with Public Health Officials to investigate the outbreak. The affected portion of the plant has been closed and is being disinfected. Employees with close contact to the individuals who have tested positive have been ordered to quarantine at home, and all employees have been advised to test for COVID-19.

Anyone who visited the Hughson Nut Company between the dates of May 18 to June 12, and are experiencing symptoms like shortness of breath, fever and cough, should contact their medical provider.

Modesto has the most cases in Stanislaus County at 422 cases. Turlock has 230, followed by 162 in Ceres. District 5 has 104 cases, District 3 has 82 and Patterson has 68 cases. Riverbank is at 62 cases and District 2 has 41 cases. Oakdale is at 22 cases, followed by 21 cases in District 1. Newman and Waterford each have 17 cases. Hughson is at 11 cases and District 4 is at 8 cases.