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Delhi little league is a home run among youth
Baseball glove front

Delhi parents and citizens have hit a home run among youth with their newly formulated Delhi Little League. This league, which is officially affiliated with Little League International, will give kids a chance to step up to the plate and hone their baseball skills.

“Delhi was lacking in sports like this, so we decided as a group to do something about it,” said DLL Board president Cruz Lojan.

The league, which will also include Ballico youth, is slated to consist of 12 to 14 teams that will play against each other, as well as against Turlock National Little League.

On Tuesday, the DLL Board presented information at the Delhi Unified School District Board of Trustees meeting. By keeping the board updated, Lojan hopes to get the members on board in order to receive the necessary approvals to use school sites for practices and games.

DLL provides the greater community with numerous ways to show their support, including a casino fundraising trip to Black Oak Casino on Nov. 1. Tickets, which cost guests $40 per person, include drinks on the drive there, $10 match play, $5 slots, a food coupon, and one raffle ticket.

For those who cannot make the trip to Black Oak Casino, there are still plenty of ways to show support for DLL. On their website, visitors can buy t-shirts, magazine subscriptions, and find out more on how to advertise with DLL.

DLL hopes that these fundraisers will help kick start the league and get the kids the equipment they need to play. According to Lojan, the league is starting from zero and needs everything from bats, baseballs, and detachable bases.

“All the money is 100 percent for league operations,” said Lojan. “No one is getting paid here — every last penny is going towards the league.”

Although DLL’s overarching purpose is to provide kids with an outlet to remain active, the DLL president recognizes the league as so much more.

“I think it is important for Delhi to have a Little League, just so we can better serve our kids by giving them a place to play locally,” said Lojan. “For a town the size of Delhi to have a chartered Little League is the source of community pride.”

Lojan also credits the newly formed Little League with the power to teach kids how to deal with problems, pressures, losses, and wins associated with life. By giving kids guidelines to play fair and not cheat, the president believes that this will help create better citizens in the future out of Delhi’s youth.

The Board plans to host information nights for interested community members in December. Registration is set to begin in January, with players beginning practices by late February.

For more information or to buy tickets for the casino fundraising trip to Black Oak Casino, call 202-7856 or visit