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Golf Link Road closed due to weakened overpass

Drivers who typically travel along the well traversed Golf Link Road will need to find an alternative route as the portion of the road that passes over Highway 99 is deteriorating prompting City staff to seek an emergency declaration.


Storm water that is typically caught by an underlying pipe eluded the system washing away some of the soil along the overpass and undermining a portion of the road posing a potential hazard.  If the weakened road were traveled continually, it could potentially give way thus threatening the safety of drivers that travel Gold Link Road and Highway 99 every day.


“I can’t put our citizens at risk,” said Director of Development Services and City Engineer Mike Pitcock. 


Pitcock met with three contractors on Wednesday to diagnose the scope of the work and expects bids for construction to file in shortly. He intends to approach City Manager Roy Wasden on Thursday in order to file an emergency declaration which will expedite the process and allow the City to fix the damaged road sooner.


In the meantime, Golf Link Road has been closed off between Greenway and E. Glenwood avenues and drivers are being directed toward Lander Avenue to circumvent the hazardous road. According to the City of Turlock, the closure could last until April 15.