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Local comic collectors rejoice at opening of Sky High Comics
Skye High comics pic1
Paul Pinheiro and Wyatt Sherron give a thumbs up to Sky High Comics and Collectibles on Friday during their first visit of the downtown Turlock store. - photo by CANDY PADILLA / The Journal

When Raymond Hannagan noticed that his children were struggling to find an interest in reading at a young age he decided to introduce them to comic books. As a collector of over 10,000 different comics, Hannagan had an overabundance of materials from which his children could choose.

“When they started to read the comics they started to actually enjoy reading. I think it helped tremendously. Some kids don’t find books interesting or don’t want to read unless it’s interesting, but in comics there are super heroes and many things to attract young people’s minds,” said Hannagan.

Young people are not the only ones attracted to comic books as Hannagan has learned firsthand from the diverse clientele that have entered his new shop in downtown Turlock, Sky High Comics and Collectables. A collector of comics for the past 40 years, Hannagan is nearing retirement and decided that if he was going to open up a comic book shop like he always wanted to, it was now or never.

“It ranges from young kids to older adults, women and teenagers. I mean I’ve seen the whole spectrum – all races and all ages. It’s been really quite interesting for me as a collector because I never realized that there were so many people interested in comics,” said Hannagan. “I think word of mouth has been very helpful, as well as the location – a lot of people see the sign and just walk in.”

After establishing a location in downtown Turlock last fall, the store opened its doors in April and has since drawn comic book connoisseurs and amateurs alike.  Customers can browse a variety of artists and comic book lines at Sky High Comics and Collectables ranging in price and design. Often valued based upon the artwork and the decade in which it was created, older editions tend to be the most expensive comics especially those featuring well known characters such as Superman, Batman and Spiderman.

“It’s an art form, basically, and that’s what people buy them for. For instance, the art of the 1930s is a lot different than today’s art so it is more sought after,” said Hannagan.

Locals will have the opportunity to browse through the comics at Sky High Comics and Collectables from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. today during the store’s grand opening. There will be comic book artists doing sketches, cosplayers (costumer players), comic books on sale and a raffle for expensive comics.

Sky High Comics and Collectables is located at 120 West Main and is open 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturday.