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PETA offers assistance to Delhi after pig murdered
Animal rights group suggests school drop FFA program
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The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals organization is hoping to sway Delhi High School away from using animals on the campus in the wake of a brutal torture and killing of a pig used for the FFA program.

TeachKind, an education division of PETA, sent letters to Delhi and other area schools offering them materials and information, including their free "Bullies Are Just Cowards: Report Abuse When You See It” posters and copy of the Paul McCartney narrated video “Glass Walls,” which takes a look at the meat industry from an animal’s point of view.

PETA’s Manager of Youth Campaigns Nina Kahn sent a letter to Delhi’s Principal Vincent Gonzalez that states in part: “Given the current focus on our bullying epidemic and its often tragic results, it's both vital and timely that a standard of compassion be set and that students be taught to understand that violence toward any living being is wrong. In light of this act of violence, we're writing to ask you to work with us to implement humane education in your school and urge students in your community to report cruelty to animals when they see it.”


On Feb. 19, a student found a pig that had been hung by a rope in the tree, set on fire and stabbed. Another pig was found in an enclosure that had a 1-inch stab wound to its shank. The torture and slaughter had been shared on social media, which helped authorities identify and arrest a 16-year-old suspect. The teenage boy was taken into custody on Feb. 21 and has allegedly confessed to killing the pig and claims to have acted alone.


PETA is using the incident to call for the school to abandon the FFA program, claiming it teaches “students the wrong lesson that animals are commodities to be bought, sold, and slaughtered,” according to the organization’s news release.

"We're facing a bullying epidemic, and if reports are true, one or more Delhi High School students tortured a pig to death and then bragged about it on social media," says PETA Senior Director of Youth Outreach and Campaigns Marta Holmberg. "PETA is urging the school to implement humane education, drop the FFA program, and encourage students to speak up whenever they see cruelty to animals."

Delhi Superintendent Adolfo Melara said that the district had received the letter from PETA, but has not yet been able to review the materials and so could not say if they would be used at a future time.