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Rescued blind terrier finds compassionate vet, new home
blind dog pic
A blind Boston terrier that was left nearly dead near Waterford in June found a happy home last week. - photo by Photo Contributed

Abandoned, starving and blind, it looked like the end of the road for one young Boston terrier.

“In June she was found near Waterford wandering on the side of the road,” said Monte Vista Small Animal veterinarian Mary Avalle. “From the way that she looked, you could tell she wasn’t being taken care off. She was severely malnourished and had just given birth. She also had foxtails in her eyes, ear, and underneath her skin.”

Although the frail dog could barely walk or stand, a generous bystander picked her up on the side of the road and rushed her to MVSAH for immediate care.

“When you look at a defenseless dog in those conditions, all you can do is try your best to give her a chance to live,” said Avalle. “We did everything we could to keep her alive. We nursed her, took the foxtails off her entire body and ran some blood tests to make sure there wasn’t anything else wrong with her. Once the tests were clear, we began the search looking for a home for her.”

Avalle took it upon herself to care for the terrier until a permanent home was found for her.

 “Little by little I started noticing her playful personality. She got along with my dogs and cats very well. Once I got her to a good weight I took her to a special vet to see if her sight damage was permanent. Although I found out that her sight will not come back, I was at ease to know that she wasn’t having any pain from it,” said Avalle.

John Pinkerton from Friends of Turlock Animal Shelter heard about the dog's plight and went to work looking for a new home.

“Mary told me about the dog and I wanted to find a home for her so badly,” said Pinkerton. “I posted a picture of her online and we got a response from a couple from Corona.

“What’s remarkable about this couple is that they recently lost a pet who happened to be a blind Boston terrier as well. They drove to Turlock last weekend with the intent to look at the dog and they immediately fell in love with her. She drove away with their new owners that same day.”