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Straight Up Mixology brings the party to your doorstep
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Straight Up Mixology is a mobile bartending service that aims to bring the party to you. - photo by Photo Contributed

Type of business: Mobile bartending service


Hours: Dependent on event


Location: Mobile


Contact information: 209-541-8149


Specialty: Personalized bartending experiences


History of Business:


As a bartender, Jessika Escarcega was often asked to serve drinks at events outside of work, such as weddings and birthdays. Inspired, she decided to make a business out of serving beverages at events, and in March 2015, Straight Up Mixology was born.


“I thought, ‘I can do this,’” said Escarcega. “I told myself that I could manage this in an efficient way where people can still have fun, but not have to worry about people getting too intoxicated at their event.”


What started out as Escarcega and her team serving at one event every few months has turned into a booming business, with the Straight Up Mixology group of 58 employees helping out at as many as 14 events in one weekend. The mobile bartending service frequents special events like weddings, backyard parties, corporate parties and more and recently, Straight Up Mixology kept the drinks pouring at Dancing with the Turlock Stars.


“I get to travel and see different houses, meet different people and try different foods,” said Escarcega of her job. “I couldn’t ask for anything better.”


Straight Up Mixology also offers a mobile serving staff, which can pass out food at events and help with special ceremonies, like champagne toasts. At any event, Straight Up Mixology employees keep an eye out for those who may be drinking too much, and will always alert a family member or event guest if anything goes awry. Escarcega said that her employees tend to bring a positive atmosphere with them to events.


“It can be difficult when you’re put in an environment where you don’t know people – some people tend to clam up and make it awkward,” said Escarcega. “I’ve managed to pick people and train employees that when they go to an event, they actually become part of the family.”


The mobile bartending service does not provide alcohol at events – just the service. Though they don’t supply alcohol, Straight Up Mixology can design custom cocktails for events. For example, if an event has a theme of green and yellow, a green and yellow cocktail can be created.


Whether an event is as big as DWTTS or small, like a backyard get together, Straight Up Mixology can take some of the party hosting strain away.


Straight Up Mixology is licensed and insured, and is Alcoholic Beverage Control certified.