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Turlock Fire Call Summary, December 2011

The Turlock Fire Department responded to a total of 514 incidents during the month of December, which includes a total of 330 emergency medical service calls.

Turlock Fire responded to 23 motor vehicle accidents, and 27 commercial/ residential fire alarms. There were a total of 39 fire type calls classified as: four building fires, one vehicle fire, six unauthorized burning, four cooking fires, 15 vegetation and/or rubbish fires, three Dumpster fires, two excessive heat-scorch burns, one outside storage fire, two fires in structures classified as “other,” and one chimney or flue fire. The remaining incidents consisted of public assists, a carbon monoxide incident, assist to police, person in distress, smoke checks, and gas leaks.

Noteworthy events in December included a motor vehicle accident in which, upon arrival, fire crews found a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle, similar to a golf cart, on its side into a parked car. The patient was pinned in between the cars. Fire crews moved the small electric vehicle away from the parked car and extricated the patient. From there the patient was transported via air ambulance to the hospital.  A total of two engine companies, and a battalion chief, responded to the incident for a total of seven fire personnel.

Another noteworthy call was a carbon monoxide incident. Fire crews arrived on scene to multiple patients showing signs of carbon monoxide poisoning. Fire crews utilized a CO monitor at the door way and it had immediate readings over 50ppm. Fire crews backed out and put on their Self Contained Breathing Apparatus before re-entering the structure to determine the cause. After extensive investigation crews were able to clear the structure and vent out any remaining carbon monoxide. Occupants were transported to the hospital for evaluation. A total of one engine company and a battalion chief responded for a total of four personnel on scene.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Test your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors monthly! If you do not have a carbon monoxide detector installed in your home, get one today. It’s the law and it could save your life!



The City of Turlock has recently received several inquiries from homeowners about a door-to-door street number addressing service. The representative from this company claims to be a representative from the City and tells homeowners that the address painted on their curb has faded and must be repainted.

While it is a requirement of both the State of California and the City of Turlock that the address numbers for your home be readily visible for emergency response personnel, it is not a requirement that your address be painted on the curb or that it be repainted on any specific time table. Alternative display methods can be used. For more information about the city's requirements, contact Fire Marshal Mark Gomez with Turlock Fire Department at 668-5542 ext. 1505.