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Train hits bicycle; rider not injured
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A woman riding her bike at around 11 a.m. on Tuesday was taken by surprise after an on-coming train hit her front wheel at the East Olive Avenue crossing.

The woman was heading westbound on East Olive Avenue on her bicycle when she heard a train approaching, said Cpl. Ramon Godoy, of the Turlock Police Department. When she saw the guards drop at the railroad crossing, she became stationary on the inside of the guards on the sidewalk.

Her front wheel was parked on the primary set of train tracks, which the victim thought were the secondary set of train tracks, Godoy said.

Once she realized the train tracks were the primary set of tracks, she slowly started backing up her bicycle but was too late, he said. The train struck her front wheel bending the frame.

The woman was not injured and was not even knocked off of her bicycle, Godoy said. She refused medical attention.

The train conductor pressed the emergency brake on the train leaving the train stuck for about an hour in downtown Turlock between the East Canal and F Street crossings.

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