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Turlock company brings electric bikes, vehicles to the region
Electric Bike Pics 2
Volkmar Kunerth, CEO of EV Mobility Solutions, takes a Go Cargo scooter for a spin. Electric vehicles like the Go Cargo are ideal for transporting tools and necessary gear in agricultural environments.

When Volkmar Kunerth attended Eurobike in Germany, the biggest bike show in the world, he did not just admire the sleek design of the electric bikes before him. He saw the potential to contribute to the worldwide shift towards sustainable transportation.

“I saw a heavy exposure of electric bikes at the show,” recalled Kunerth.

After performing some further research, Kunerth concluded that there was a relatively untapped market for such bikes in the United States.

“I wrote a little business plan and the projections for the U.S. market for electric bikes were four to five years behind the European market,” said  Kunerth.

Kunerth is now taking steps towards making the progressive bike a part of main stream culture in the Central Valley.

Hybridizing his former career paths as a business development director and employee of Sustainable Silicon Valley, a nonprofit dedicated to generating environmental change and conservation, Kunerth established EV-Mobility Solutions last year which sells electric bikes, scooters, all-terrain vehicles and electric vehicles for transport and security.

“When you focus on clean energy, it makes sense to have clean vehicles,” said Kunerth.

While Kunerth noted that other areas of the state have already taken steps towards integrating electric bikes into their cities, such as the San Diego region which is readily equipped with electric vehicle rental stations and bike paths, he sees a significant amount of opportunity in the Central Valley.

Kunerth also offers electric vehicles targeted towards the agricultural market.

The electric ATVs and UTVs are typically used on ranches and dairies as employees often need to traverse hundreds of acres of land at a time. By introducing local agricultural operations to the benefits of electric ATVs— no gasoline and the convenience of plugging the vehicle into your garage, for instance – Kunerth is bringing progressive solutions to the Central Valley.

“It’s a little more expensive up front, but in the long run saves thousands of dollars in operating costs and gas bills every year,” he explained.

EV - Mobility Solutions sells electric bikes which allow cyclists to pedal, but with the assistance of a battery power, which expedites the journey and in turn allows commuters to show up for work in less time and with the added benefit of less perspiration.

“It’s called pedal assist,” explained Kunerth. “You pedal until you reach the proper speed as the electric engine helps you to accelerate.”

While standing and sitting scooters equipped with a basket are ideal for a quick jaunt to the store, Kunerth also has cargo scooters, which resemble mini-trucks and electric patrol scooters ideal for security firms.

 “What really drives me is basically my passion for clean air, sustainability and clean energy. I believe together with solar and clean energy production electric vehicles make great sense,” said Kunerth. “And it’s a lot of fun.”

For more information on EV - Mobility Solutions’ electric bike and vehicle offerings visit or contact Volkmar Kunerth at