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Luanne M. Prouty
Nov 14, 1950 - Aug 9, 2014
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It has been a year and still our eyes tear. You are missed each day in every way. The phone calls just to say hey. The special gifts that would make our day. Gathering ‘round the table to eat. All the family would come over to meet. Shopping at your favorite store. Leaving late out the door. Ahhh memories...we wish we had more. Be with us in spirit and talk to us in our thoughts. Show us reminders and help us connect the dots. So much we never got to ask, some things we will never know.

It hurts not having you here as your precious grandchildren grow. We want to make you proud and honor your life. Thank you for being the best mom, grandma and wife. Our love will not end, we will see you again. Until that time… you will find. You are always on our hearts and mind. 

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