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Bublak is dedicated to the betterment of Turlock

I am writing this letter of support for our current Mayor Amy Bublak who is seeking reelection. I have known Amy since she was a college student at then Stanislaus State. I remember, not only her commitment to her studies, but her commitment, dedication, and hard work to perfect her athletic abilities. I have found over the years that this dedication and commitment has been a major part of her successful life. I feel she truly cares for the betterment of the City of Turlock. She may not always agree with others on issues facing the City, but that comes with being a good administrator, adjusting to each situation. Although she did not support Measure A, once passed, she and the Council rapidly studied street repair priorities and commitments. You may not get your street repaired tomorrow, but patience is a virtue.         

— Abe Rojas