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Council should spend time and energy on real problems
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This is almost too funny. I’m starting to think that Turlock Council meetings are more entertaining than watching regular prime time shows. (Councilmember Ted) Howze has ALL sorts of things swirling around, and yet... he wants to find the time and money to see if (Councilmember) Mary Jackson leaked the name of the people who were applying for the city manager job? I get that it’s probably a breach of ethics... but shouldn’t OTHER problems facing Turlock take up our time and energy?  
Howze, could spend some time investigating the money that was stolen from Turlock Youth Football instead of whether Jackson gossiped about some city candidates. Or (Councilmember) Amy (Bublak) could have a “Friends of Amy”dinner and THEY could all discuss this... that wouldn’t take away time from doing what we ELECTED you to do. Do your jobs or find someone who is INTERESTED in doing your job.
— Dan Williams