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Everyone has the right to freedom of speech
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Several weeks ago, we decided to show support for the presidential candidate of our choice by placing a yard sign in our front yard.  The night before last, someone tagged it by spray painting a red circle with a line through it on both sides of the sign.  We decided we would keep the sign to show that this act of vandalism would not deter us from showing our support.

Apparently, the person who disagrees with our choice decided that it wasn't good enough for them.  This morning, the sign was gone. 

The thing that bothers us the most is not that there is someone out there who thinks we do not deserve the same right of freedom of speech as other Americans, but that person seems to be a neighbor.  We do not agree with your yard sign or the fact that your party is trying to prevent citizens from voting by trying to pass, what we feel are unconstitutional laws, but we do respect your right to display it. 

— Dan O’Connell