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Happy with the way Harder is representing me
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Congressman Josh Harder is in his second month of being our elected representative. He’s jumped in and has been active from the first day he was sworn into office. He voted 10 times to reopen the government during the shutdown; he’s cosponsored several bills to accomplish real change, including those about restoring ethics requirements in government, strengthening voters’ rights, providing needed supports to veterans, and removing “big money” from politics. He spoke in his first congressional hearing about continued threats to healthcare for millions of Americans. Mr. Harder has held open, in-person Town Hall meetings in district since being sworn in, contrasted with his predecessor, who went a year and a half from his last open town Hall to being voted out.

Some of the positions our congressman has supported are popular with his constituents; some are considered “too far left” or “not really progressive.” Mr. Harder will not take a position on any issue he hasn’t read about, researched, and taken time to consider what he feels is in the best interest of the Central Valley. He is an intelligent, thoughtful, and hardworking individual with ambitions for a just, pragmatic government. I’m pleased he represents me and my neighbors.

— Denise Hunt